Dry Dog Food

Rupert’s Natural

Made from 100% natural British ingredients Rupert’s food is not only healthy but so delicious your dog will love it! There is a wide range of foods for all life stages from Puppy to Senior that will keep your dog in brilliant shape. We have a vast array of flavours available both in grain free and gluten free options. It is also really good value for money, so you are looking after your wallet as well as your dog!


Orijen dog food is made in Canada by an independent family-owned company. The food is biologically appropriate, meaning that it contains only fresh, whole foods that dogs are naturally evolved to eat. It’s very high in proteins, contains little carbohydrates, and no cereals: 85% meat, 15% regional fruit and vegetables, and 0% cereals.


Acana Premium Dog Food is made from fresh, regional ingredients in Alberta, Canada. The special recipe used by Acana acknowledges dogs as natural carnivores, emulating the diet of a wild wolf. The foods are high in fresh meat and proteins all ethically sourced. Acana has received many awards worldwide for its excellent quality.


Pero dog is a British food from North Wales. Their philosophy, values and nutritional expertise will keep your dogs healthy and active, from weaning right into their twilight years. Pero’s products are recommended by veterinary surgeons and all the recipes are 100% delicious and complete, with no use of artificial colours, additives or preservatives.


Forthglade grain free cold pressed dry food range is made using natural ingredients with added vitamins & minerals for a nutritionally balanced meal containing everything your dog needs. Innovative cold pressing technique means they take that lots of delicious ingredients and do as little to them as possible before they reach your dog’s bowl, helping the ingredients in each bite-sized piece to retain as much natural flavour & goodness as possible.

Simpsons Premium

Simpsons premium with the aid of leading nutritionist have created a wide range food with your pet in mind, taking into consideration their health, wellbeing and dietary requirements. They have varying flavours of sensitive, grain-free, Organic and high-meat dog food, as well as puppy food that provides all the nutrients for a growing dog.

Wet Dog Food


Rupert’s wet food offers your dog a fully balanced nutritional diet that will allow them to thrive. Made from 100% natural ingredients we are proud to offer you a brilliant range that you can trust in. The meat used in our foods is the best possible which means you dog will love every bite.


Forthglade has one of the best quality selections available in wet foods. Their range stretches from puppy to senior, grain free, just meat or brown rice variations and even a gourmet option so there is a food to suit every dog, even the fussy ones.

Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s kitchen use only fresh ingredients in their range of wet foods to reflect the natural diet of dogs. Good food equals good health for your dog. A balanced, nutritious diet is key to staying in tip-top condition and that is what Lily’s wet food offers.

Natures Deli

Specially developed to provide complete, balanced and tailored nutrition for your dog or puppy, Natures Deli is manufactured right here in the UK, carefully created with 60% real meat or fish blended with beneficial herbs, brown rice and other wholesome, natural ingredients. Packed with flavour and correct nutrition for your dog’s life stage.

Raw Dog Food


Nutriment is an award-winning, family-owned business whose uncompromising, small batch mentality demands human-grade meat and vegetables, a dash of metabolism-friendly superfoods and a stubborn refusal to ever consider any cheap fillers, third-rate meat offcuts or ‘artificial nasties’. It scores 5 out of 5 stars on www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk

Natural Instinct

Natural Instinct raw dog food is full of all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins your dog needs to live a healthy, active life. The food is packed full of British meats and bone with added fruit, vegetables and supplements and frozen to retain all the natural goodness. Choosing a natural BARF diet gives your faithful friend the healthy dog food they need.

Meat and bone packs

We stock a wide range of high quality frozen meats. They are available in 450g single chubbs and you can also mix and match in bundles of 5’s, 10’s, 15’s, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The meats are sourced from a local DEFRA approved supplier and are of the highest quality in 80:10:10 ratios. We generally stock Chicken, Duck, Chicken/Beef, Turkey, Beef, Lamb and Tripe.